What's in Rdb Controller? 

  • Support for Rdb 7.3.x.x on  Itanium I64 systems
  • Support through  Rdb 7.3.x.x on Alpha AXP systems
  • Support through Rdb 7.0.9.x on Vax OpenVMS
  • See database performance improvements of 20-40-60% and higher with existing hardware
  • See some batch reports run in half the time eliminating report 'log jams'  in the early morning hours 
  • Tuning, analysis, and activity logging
  • Generates scripts based on actual activity observed on YOUR database
  • Calculates storage area sizes, index node sizes, allows for database restructuring/reorganization,  balancing of disk I/O loads, and "individualized" partition sizing & storage characteristics
  • Convert indexes between sorted <-> hashed <-> ranked with proper sizing and minimal effort
  • Switch tables in and out of  'placement via' easily and with all sizing parameters automatically done for you
  • Full database tuning, or partial tuning down to individual tables and/or indexes selected by the user
  • Server based for speed and ease of remote execution
  • Fully customizable scripts in human readable form

Rdb Controller is the first Rdb database management solution  to plan, measure, predict, and improve database performance. Rdb Controller is comprised of three leading-edge products: DBAnalyzer,  DBXact, and DBTune.

Follow this link for more information on each product, to obtain information on Rdb performance issues, and to see a downloadable version of the current manual.  

For more information on supported Rdb databases, and the proper version of the tools that are required for your system, go to our Version Locator...