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Sales, Software, Consulting,  and Technical Support Office

1151 Williams Dr
Aiken, SC 29803
Email: rcyoung@aliconsultants.com
Tel 1-803-640-2180

Corporate Mission
ALI enhances Oracle Rdb database  performance and minimizes costly downtime by offering  the most comprehensive solution for Oracle Rdb database management available in the marketplace.

Corporate Profile
ALI provides products, consulting services, and specialized training programs to enable IT professionals to manage their Oracle Rdb database systems  for business-critical applications. ALI's technology and services allow companies to leverage their IT investments by dramatically improving their system performance without expensive hardware upgrades, and pro-actively identifying those factors which contribute to costly and unnecessary downtime. 

ALI has provided database solutions since 1996. Worldwide customers include Ericsson EUS, Georgia Pacific, Bank of Bermuda, American Association of Retired Persons, Royal Ottawa Healthcare, and DuPont.

The company's flagship product, Rdb Controller, is the first Rdb database management solution  to plan, measure, predict, and improve database performance. Rdb Controller is comprised of three leading-edge products: DBAnalyzer,  DBXact, and DBTune.

The company's strategic partnerships make ALI's comprehensive solutions for Oracle Rdb database management available through a broad network of value-added resellers.

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