DBXact for Rdb


  • As part of Rdb Controller, DBXact helps deliver the industry's most comprehensive solution for improving Rdb application performance and availability

  • Provides input  to DBTune for application, database, and I/O performance improvements up to 60+% by monitoring YOUR DATABASE during normal operations prior to tuning

  • Calculates multiple tuning parameters DERIVED FROM YOUR DATABASE for precise control during the tuning process including values for  I/O  activity and read/write bias for EVERY table and index in your database

  • Offers "growth projections" based on ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS OF YOUR DATABASE for the time interval YOU SPECIFY.

DBXact provides the necessary activity monitoring and analysis functions to improve your end-user response times and maximize your application availability. 

DBXact performs many monitoring functions on YOUR DATABASE to improve application performance and availability. DBXact generates user customizable reports on such areas as storage area file  I/O statistics, stall times, locking summaries, PIO and record statistics, and B-tree and hash scans performed. In many instances,  the peak value and time of its occurrence is  reported. This aids in locating bottlenecks and contention issues, and  ensures your applications provide optimal end-user response times and maximum availability for your business functions.

DBXact can also prepare an activity file that can be linked to our DBTune tool for tuning your database with actually measured I/O activities, read/write biases, and observed table growth.