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2/22/11- Rdb Controller, and especially the SQL scripts generated by DBTune, can make migration to SQL Server far easier.  Simple edits of the SQL scripts can be applied, and the resulting SQL input DIRECTLY into the SQL Server Management Studio 20008 R2 for recreating the tables, indices, and constraints under the new database. A recent SQL Server "structure" migration by an Rdb customer was performed in only 2 days, primarily because using the generated scripts maintained all the current data types, and eliminated typos. 

2/15/09- Work continues on an "Oracle" database version of the Controller toolset. Beta testing is planned for the near future. The new toolset will carry over the same intuitive interface and in-depth knowledge of performance optimization to the Oracle platform that customers currently experience for Rdb. Initial release will target the OpenVMS platform with ports to other platforms to follow.

9/19/08- Rdb Controller's DBTune V6.1 is now available from the www site. Extensive upgrades to partitioning support have been incorporated into this release, with the DBA now being able to specify tune parameters for EACH individual partition ( via the modpad file) as opposed to the table "as a whole". 

4/11/06- Rdb Controller V6 is now available. This is a complete rewrite of our popular tools, now completely in "C". The installable software is smaller (fewer Mb), and system response has improved.

12/30/03-Banco de los Trabajadores chooses Rdb Controller to optimize their database for increased performance. 

This well known  bank is our first customer in Guatemala, and is using the Rdb Controller toolset to increase performance of their records database, thereby minimizing the need for costly hardware upgrades.

4/8/02- Marconi uses  Rdb Controller to tune 40 of its most critical Rdb databases in record time. 

Performing up to 4 simultaneous database tunings per weekend (the only time users could be "bumped" off the systems for maintenance work), the automatic script generation, unattended operation, and extensive internal error checking capabilities  of the tool allows the databases to be tuned rapidly with minimal downtime and with minimal personnel. 

By automating the script generation process, multiple "what if" scenarios could be easily modeled during the days before each tune, and the most desirable and efficient path could be selected. Last minute updates could also be efficiently addressed with minimal schedule impacts. 

Transaction times were significantly reduced improving interactive response times, and reducing the time to generate batch reports.

9/5/01- Rdb Controller 5.3 for Rdb 7.1 on AXP is released, and available for download from the ALI FTP site. Existing Controller users with software support will require a new license before installation, which can be obtained from ALI license support. V5.3 is functionally equivalent to V5.2, with the addition of compatibility features to accommodate Rdb 7.1. V5.3 is for use ONLY  with Rdb 7.1 on AXP. In addition, V5.3 accommodates larger and more complex databases without customization. This release includes DBTune 5.3, DBAnalyzer 5.3, and DBXact 5.2. 

9/3/2001- Due to changes in  OpenVMS 7.3 for AXP, a NEW RELEASE of Rdb Controller is being prepared. This is in preparation for their use with Rdb 7.1. After the incorporation of changes suggested by current users, and the addition of support for Rdb 7.1, NEW KITS for DBTune, DBXact, and DBAnalyzer  will be created. After additional testing, the new kits will be placed on the anonymous FTP site for download by users wishing to use the tools with the latest release of Rdb. When they are available for general downloading, an announcement will be posted at ALI's home web site.

8/15/2001- Rdb 7.1 (aka Rdb 8) has been released by Oracle. ALI is currently testing its current version of the Rdb Controller tuning/analysis tools with Rdb 7.1, and is expected to be completed within a short time. An upgrade to DBXact 5.1 will be available shortly.

ALI is also continuing its push to complete the next major update to its Rdb Controller toolset, beginning with DBTune 6.0. This new version of DBTune is a complete rewrite of the product, and will support many enhanced features, as well as many of the new Rdb 7.1 features. While a release date has not been established, it is expected to occur within the next few months.

3/7/2001- Short term leasing of Rdb Controller is now available. Customers who envision using the tools for only 1-2 years, or who have short term budget constraints, can NOW reap the benefits of enhanced performance and increased "uptime" at an affordable price.

3/5/2001- Rdb Controller now supports the DEC_KANJI character set for Rdb databases. Internal Kanji names for storage areas, tables, indexes, etc are now supported. A full Kanji version of Rdb Controller supporting Kanji based screens, reports, and documentation is planned for the near future. 

11/17/2000- ALI is named to the 2000 DM Review 100. This prestigious award recognizes the top 100 business intelligence vendors as selected by the readers of DM Review.

11/15/2000- ALI joins the Compaq Business Solutions Alliance in the US, Australia, and Japan in order to provide  in-depth service and support to the Rdb family of users.

8/23/00- US West mistakenly listed ALI's toll free number as their service/repair number. Although US West was contacted, thousands of phone books had already been distributed. The toll free number for the US and Canada has been changed  to 866-257-8970 to avoid the "flood" of service calls. 

8/21/2000- Ericsson EUS purchases multiple licenses of Rdb Controller to help maintain their Rdb databases in Lynchburg VA.

6/1/2000- Insider Market becomes authorized reseller for Rdb Controller.

5/1/2000- Spiras Corporation becomes authorized  reseller for Rdb Controller. 



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