dbtrdbaxp060.zip DBTune V6 for AXP (17.9 Mb)
DBTRDBITA060.ZIP DBTune V6 for I64 (5.1 Mb)
DBTRDBVMS052.ZIP DBTune 5.2 for Vax (3.2 Mb)
DBTRDBAXP052.ZIP DBTune 5.2 for AXP (11.7 Mb)
DBTRDBAXP053.ZIP DBTune 5.3 for AXP (11.7 Mb)
dbardbvms052.zip DBAnalyzer 5.2 for Vax (2.6 Mb)
dbardbaxp052.zip DBAnalyzer 5.2 for AXP (8.2 Mb)
DBARDBAXP053.ZIP DBAnalyzer 5.3 for AXP (8.2 Mb)
dbxrdbaxp051.zip DBXact 5.1 for AXP (56.9 Mb)
dbxrdbvms051.zip DBXact 5.1 for Vax (24.4 Mb)
dbxrdbaxp052.zip DBXact 5.2 for AXP (14.2 Mb)
Older versions of the Rdb tools ( for Rdb 6 and OpenVMS 5/6) are available by contacting ALI
Misc Additional Files
Rdb Controller V6.0 manual Rdb Controller V6.0 manual (PDF format)
Rdb Controller V5.2/5.3 manual Rdb Controller V5 manual (PDF format)
V5 Release Notes for Rdb 7  V5 Release Notes
V5 Release Notes for Rdb 6.2 
hints.pdf Helpful hints and solutions to common issues
readme_quota.txt Quota monitoring instructions
watch_quotas.com Monitor user quota
watch_pid_quota.com Monitor job quota
areadme.txt CDROM/Unzip install instructions
UNZIP_VAX.EXE Vax unzip program
UNZIP_AXP.EXE AXP unzip program